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Anti-Counterfeit Authority Opens New Frontier With National Defence University

Anti-Counterfeit Authority Opens New Frontier With National Defence University

The Anti-Counterfeit Authority (ACA) and the National Defence University-Kenya (NDU-K) have opened a new frontier that seeks to ensure counterfeiting and illicit trade do not endanger the country.

The prospect of this partnership was introduced during a productive meeting between Dr. Robi Mbugua, the Executive Director of the Anti-Counterfeit Authority, and Major General Said Farah, Vice-Chancellor of NDU-K, held at the main campus in Lanet Nakuru.

NDU-K, recognized as the Defence Forces of Kenya University specializing in defense and security studies, has a rich history of advancing knowledge and comprehension in this field. They achieve this through a combination of teaching, research, and outreach, providing training to both military and civilian leaders to address the continually evolving challenges inherent to national and international security.

The meeting was attended by Major General William Shume, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Applied Research & Security Studies; Professor Anne Muigai, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Research; Major General (Retired) P. Amogola, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Finance & Administration; and other senior military officers from NDU-K, along with key members of ACA management.

The presence of leadership representatives from both institutions underlines the mutual commitment to exploring the potential partnership's objectives. Discussions focused on the exciting possibilities for joint research efforts aimed at understanding counterfeiting trends and leveraging NDU-K's capabilities in training and intelligence gathering.

Dr. Robi Mbugua highlighted the collaborative vision, emphasizing its intention to create synergy in anti-counterfeiting endeavors. The primary aim is to protect consumers, support legitimate businesses, and enhance national security and prosperity.

"In light of the evolving strategies employed by counterfeiters in recent years, the necessity for such collaboration has become increasingly evident," remarked Dr. Robi Mbugua. "This partnership will ensure that ACA enforcement officers are well-prepared to address emerging challenges effectively."

The potential alliance with NDU-K holds the promise of enhancing ACA's capabilities, improving operational efficiency, and strengthening intelligence capacities in the complex realm of transnational criminal activities. Together, they are poised to take on the significant challenge of combating counterfeit trade in Kenya.


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