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About ACA

The Anti-Counterfeit Agency was established under the Anti-Counterfeit  Act 2008 as a State Corporation with the mandates to enlighten and inform the public on matters relating to counterfeiting, combat counterfeiting, trade and other dealings in counterfeit goods, devise and
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News & Events

Mt Kenya ‘Fagia Bandia’ Events and Road show

Once again the Agency will travel across the Mt. Kenya Region covering the Nyeri, Embu and Meru Counties in a series of one-day seminars and Road show convoys. We will be reaching out on how companies and individuals can protect and enforce intellectual property and also get to increase consumer awareness to the people of these counties.

The “FAGIA BANDIA” Campaign

The “FAGIA BANDIA” Campaign is coming to the mt. Kenya region

We are excited to confirm that ACA is going to engage the residents of Mt. Kenya through a road show campaign slated for Wednesday 14th to Sunday 17th May 2014.

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